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The Team at TJ’s employs certified vehicle appraisers!  Our services are based in Buffalo, New York and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Yet we also serve cities throughout the United States and are active in: Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, Albany, NY, West Palm Beach, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Delray Beach, FL and cities throughout the United States!  Our experts can help you find out what your vehicle is truly worth in today’s current market or after an accident. Vehicle appraisals will help you protect your assets, and can be crucial for determining insurance entitlements after an accident.

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The benefits of knowing the true worth of your vehicle include:

  • More accurate insurance quotes for antique, exotic and collector vehicles.
  • Higher insurance payouts and lower risk premiums.
  • Compensation for diminished value and loss of use.
  • Protection for vehicles in storage or in transit.
  • Better results for asset/succession planning.


Specializing in Sports and Exotic Cars

Specializing in Classic and Antique Vehicles

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Managing our Buffalo, NY vehicle appraisals is certified appraisal specialist, TJ Hirsch who was trained under the direction of a world renowned auto appraisal expert at the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Car Auction. TJ has been certified to perform appraisals on vehicles in elite showroom condition as well as the seasoned daily driver, and he will ensure that your vehicle or collection of vehicles gets the time and thorough attention that’s deserved.

All – Auto Appraisal Industry Conference, Scottsdale, AZ

Pictured from left to right are:

James Moy – Precision Auto Group

Max Janisch – “The Ferrari Appraiser”

TJ – TJ Hirsch Enterprises, Inc.

Lance Coren – “The Ferrari Appraiser”

Trevor Hussak – TJ Hirsch Enterprises, Inc.


Secure the Maximum Insurance Benefits:

With the current state of the economy, some insurance companies are cutting corners in all areas in order to save money. Many people don’t realize that if their vehicle was involved in an accident or mishap, they are eligible for not only the cost of repairs, but also for diminished value.

It has been shown that after a vehicle has been involved in a crash, (even after the repair) that the resale value of the vehicle drops dramatically due to the fact that the vehicle no longer is “as factory original”. Our Diminished Value vehicle appraisals will help you build a strong case in order to confront the insurance company and help ensure that you receive all the damages in which you are entitled to. Whether it’s the diminished value after an accident, or loss of use while searching for a replacement car, The team at TJ’s will help you get the results you deserve.

Accurate Insurance Quotes:

Do you sometimes wonder if you have secured the right amount of insurance for your antique, collector edition or exotic car? If you answered “YES” or even hesitated for a moment to think, then you need to call TJ’s! An insurance appraisal report is a highly specialized document that is designed to protect you and your vehicles when it comes to the right insurance coverage.  Our experience shows that many classic, antique and muscle car owners often have inadequate coverage and even in some cases, no coverage at all! If you have not given your insurance company a certified appraisal report and binded coverage for an “agreed value” then you and your investment may be at risk!

Storage and Transportation Protection

Most vehicle owners can easily consider the potential damages that might occur while driving their vehicle, but what about damages that can occur while storing or shipping your vehicle? A vehicle appraisal done in advance can help protect you from loss due to natural disasters, structural damages to a storage facility, damage sustained to your vehicle while in-transit or any other unimaginable incident.

Long Term Vehicle and Succession Planning

For the professional car collector, exotic car enthusiast, or the restorer, it is extremely important to have a succession plan to deal with any unforeseeable or tragic events. And the first step is having each of your vahicles appraised. The team at TJ’s will help you to develop an appraisal outline of all your vehicles, which greatly relieves stress on loved ones. We will work with you in advance to document the answers to questions that your loved ones and estate managers ultimately will be asking. We can help with important questions like:

  • How much is my collection worth?
  • When is the right time to sell?
  • Where can we get spare parts?
  • Are there tips or tricks to starting and driving classic cars?

We understand you have spent a lifetime collecting your cars and planning for their certain future. At TJ Hirsch Enterprises, we help you and your family plan for the uncertain future.

Loss of Use:

Many insurance customers don’t truly understand the benefits they are entitled to after an accident. For example, the loss of use on your vehicle is critical when searching for a replacement. Our experience has proven that many insurance companies severely undercut the value of your loss of use entitlement.

The cost of a rental car that is very similar or identical to your own, rest upon the shoulders of the insurance company who typically try to pay out as little as possible. If your Ferrari or Bentley had been damaged in an accident would you settle for the insurance company only giving you a Toyota as a loaner?

In the same case, if your Honda or minivan is rear-ended, shouldn’t you be entitled to receive compensation for the time in which your car is “out of commission?”

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