Legal, Charitable Contribution and Estate Appraisals.

This particular type of inspection report is used for such things as estate planning, liquidation of assets, determining automotive values in divorce cases, or the amount of a taxable deduction for donating a car to charity. In all cases, these reports additionally include IRS compliance calculations and certifications.

Our Estate, Legal and Charitable Contribution Appraisal Reports Include:

  • A comprehensive, hands on vehicle inspection.
  • Research and compilation of relevant information.
  • The original signed report.
  • IAAA certified appraiser signature.
  • V.A.F process and relevant IRS/Legal Forms.
  • and Much More!

Please give us a call at (716) 810-9219 or email With just a few quick questions, we can evaluate your specific needs and make a very appropriate recommendation.

We also offer a tiered price structure to meet the needs of all types of makes, models and appraisal report types.