Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need a reservation to store my car?
A: Yes! In order to be assured a space in one of our facilities, reservations and payment should be made in advance.

Q: Can my vehicle be appraised while in storage?
A: Yes! We have several appraisal options and certified IAAA members will appraise and report on your vehicle(s) while in storage, or whenever you’d like!

Q: Is there a minimum term or limit on terms?
A: No, as long as we have the space, we are happy to accommodate your vehicle for any range of terms. Call us for more information. 

Q: Can my car be detailed while in storage?
A: Yes! We have team members who specialize in auto detailing. We handle anything from a quick wash to the best paint correction & paint sealant in town!

Q: How are your prices structured?
A: We have several options based on the size, condition, location and length of stay!

Q: Do you charge any fees or security deposit?
A: There is a club member registration fee for anyone using one of our storage facililities; however there is no security deposit required. Late fees for delinquent accounts only apply if your payment is not received on time.

Q: Can you arrange for work to be done on my car?
A: Yes, our teams consist of detailing specialists, mechanical geniuses, paint and body experts and more who can attend to nearly every need of your vehicle! Call us to chat further. 

Q: Can my friends and I come in to check out the cars?
A: Yes of course! Our main Amherst showroom is available to show off to friends, family and in case you need to win a bet or prove a point. Just give us a call to make an appointment and you can check in on your pride & joy…. as well as see some other really cool cars!

Q: What kinds of security do have?
A: Without giving away some closely guarded secrets, we can tell you that our facilities, showroom and V.I.P areas have 24 hour surveillance. And it turns out our friends in local law enforcement just happen to be “car guys” too…

Q: What types of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Cash, Check, Money Orders, Credit Cards and Gold Bullion. Gift certificates can also be redeemed.

Q: I’ve heard if cars sit for too long, flat spots can develop on the tires. How might I prevent this?
A: We have unique products and services designed to prevent flat spots. Just ask us for information if that’s a concern of yours!

Q: Is my vehicle insured while in storage?
A: Our carrier has advised that each vehicle needs to be insured by its owner for the current market value. If you would like some professional advice on appraising or valuing your vehicle’s worth, we can help you! We also have reccommendations if you would like an insurance review.

Q: Are your facilities climate controlled?
A: Yes, we offer heated storage and a fully climate controlled V.I.P area.

Q: How do I get a spot for my vehicle(s)?
A: The quickest way to secure a space in our facility is to call us at (716) 810-9219 or send an e-mail to

Q: Does my car have to be in operating condition to be stored?
A: This depends on a couple of very important factors. Please give us a call and we can help determine if: 1) the vehicle is safe to store and 2) if there is a way we can help get it fixed for you.

Q: I have never stored a vehicle before, what do you suggest?
A: We recommend that you call us for a free consultation. Once we discuss a few simple things, we can help you determine the best course of action regarding your vehicle needs.